Cyclone Stainless Steel meets the requirements for Stainless Steel screening as detailed under the Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone areas. Please contact your local council for further information relating to your area.


Care and Maintenance for Stainless Steel Screening can be accessed through the following .pdf:
Cyclone Stainless Steel Screening Maintenance Instructions.pdf

Stainless Steel insect screening is ideal for screening windows and doors in coastal areas.
Features of Stainless Steel: 316 Marine Grade; Super strong; Black powder coated; Fine mesh for excellent visibility.
Specifications: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel wire 0.18mm diameter wire; 18 x 16 strands per inch.
Available in Widths: 610/760/810/1070/1220/1520mm


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Stainless Steel Screen - 610mm x 30m - 505010 Stainless Steel Screen - 760mm x 30m - 505027 Stainless Steel Screen - 810mm x 30m - 505034 Stainless Steel Screen - 910mm x 30m - 505041
Stainless Steel Screen - 1070mm x 30m - 505065 Stainless Steel Screen - 1520mm x 30m - 505072

Cyclone products are available from all leading hardware stores. Product ranges will vary from store to store.

PLEASE NOTE: Gardenmaster Trellis, Trojan Garden Tools and the 'latest release' Nylex Watering Products are only available from Bunnings Warehouse.