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Garden Tools

Cyclone landscaping and garden tools are instantly recognised for their quality, design and longevity.

Our garden tool range spans Digging, Cultivating, Felling, Lawn Maintenance through to Hand and Pruning Tools.

Clever design sees Cyclone tools match or better world standard with features like industrial strength power bars, fibreglass handles that are 100% stronger than conventional glass handles, revolutionary pivot spring pruners, pressure wedging of heads to handles, Teflon coated pruner blades and many tool heads forged in one piece for maximum strength.

Whether a Cyclone tool is purchased by a professional tradesman or a home gardener, both can rest assured they will receive decades of use without fear of problems with workmanship. All tools are covered by robust guarantees from 10 years to a lifetime.

Garden Hose & Fittings

The same ‘quality’ philosophy that applies to our landscaping and garden tools applies to our Cyclone range of garden hoses.

All hoses are UV treated and flexible with others kink-resistant, reinforced with dense braid, made from 100% virgin material and with a range of guarantees from 5 to 15 years.

Hose diameters are 12mm, available in 15-30 metre lengths with tough outer layers that resist crushing; some with extra wall thickness and two with our beautiful PearlTech outer layer technology.

Every hose comes with a variety of quality, heavy duty ABS hose fittings in Cyclone green and grey/green.

Insect screens

Our history with steel mesh fencing makes Cyclone the one brand to trust when specifying or purchasing Insect Screening mesh.

We recognised the need for a wide variety of screen materials in order to cover most applications. Australia is a big country and the needs of Queenslanders often vary from those of Tasmanians.

The result is a range of screen materials from fibreglass, polyester, aluminium, stainless steel and bronze that offer protection against the smallest of insects to damage from children and even animal claws.

Cyclone quality insect screens are attractive, resist rusting and rotting, minimise glare, and come in a variety of roll widths from 610mm to 1,520mm, depending on the screen.

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